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The MASKIN clear mask is made up of unique and innovative pieces that come together to create the first high-quality mask that allows lip reading.

Thanks to its anti-fog technology, the mask does not fog up and allows visual communication while protecting health.

Currently available in color black.

It is recommended for use in closed spaces for optimal operation. 

In low-temperature spaces, indoor air condensation increases markedly. If this phenomenon occurs, we recommend washing, drying the mask and then applying the anti-fog cloth.

 * Currently we have changed the design and all transparent masks are delivered with the new adjustment system in the nose by means of a double whale sewn to the foam that was already integrated. We have removed the metallic trim that was stuck to the neoprene because it could come off after several washes. Now MASKIN is more comfortable, safer and more aesthetic.

Check the technical specifications of the mask here.

Check the homologation report here.

Consult the instructions for use and washing here.

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